The Origin of Quality

We Build a Tool for a Lifetime of Service

Jordan Manufacturing was founded on building tools and it’s still an important part of our business because we don’t build a tool and ship it as quickly as possible in order to turn a profit; we build a tool for a lifetime of service. Our tooling design is based on Solidworks and Logo Press; we design a web or blank companion for quality, followed by cost considerations. We simulate material behavior and physical clearances and part ejection when customer requirements demand it. Every tool built at Jordan Manufacturing is designed with die protection to preserve the customer’s investment

Tooling maintenance is it’s own process and supports the production of quality parts. Trained personnel conduct a Last Piece Inspection with Quality Staff and tag the tool for maintenance before the next run. Tags are tracked and cleared in our toolroom – never outsourced to a vendor – and the tool returned to its crib for the next run. A review of our tool roster will produce tools built in the 1950s that still regularly provide quality parts to customers.

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