A long term partner

for tooling, stamping,

and assemblies.

Jordan Manufacturing Company

is a supplier of tooling, metal stamping and assembly to customers in multiple industries on a global level. With a fully integrated tooling facility – design, build, and maintenance under one roof – Jordan Manufacturing protects your supply chain, schedule, and intellectual property via the Jordan Process. Our customers can depend on their program staying in-house for the life of the program  

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Our Three Uniques


We’re a one-stop shop for tools, stamping, and assemblies. 


We take it further, at every single stage. 


Partners for generations.

Throughout its almost 70 years,

Jordan Manufacturing has served a wide variety of industries: automotive, material handling, aerospace, magneto, office furniture, military, and emergency services. From stamping and assembly and tooling to maintenance, welding, mechanical fastening, and hot stamping, our customers can expect a turn-key solution for each program that comes in our door.

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