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Jordan Manufacturing is ISO certified with an IATF transition for 2020. We identify 17 key considerations covering Design to Delivery and we delivery metal stampings and assemblies that meet a customer’s requirements for value and quality.

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When you design and build tooling with an eye on maintainability and efficient production, you are building value for your customer. Planned maintenance and active protection contribute to our customer’s bottom line.

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Quality and tooling form the basis of our capabilities. Besides metal stamping and forming, we provide a broad range of assembly capabilities: welding, mechanical fastening, impact and orbital riveting and hot stamping, and more.

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Tooling, Production, and Quality Services

Jordan Manufacturing Company is a family-owned business in west Michigan with three core capabilities: metal stamping and assembly; tool design, building, and maintenance; and a ISO certified quality facility. Each of these skills contribute to Jordan Manufacturing’s: satisfying the customer’s requirement for quality, timeliness, and value. In fulfilling those goals, we build a business relationship that is personally rewarding.



What better way to treat your customers than to treat them like family? One of the reasons we do that is because we’re a family business. We speak the language of quality, but it has a distinctive homespun accent that’s a fresh break from the “let me put you on hold” tone of the manufacturing world.


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We Manufacture Happiness Logo

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