Jordan Manufacturing is certified to ISO 9001: 2015.

Our Internal Audits are completed by outside parties for the most thorough examination of our processes. We identify 17 key considerations covering Design to Delivery and we arrive at a product that we can quote with confidence. 

Stamping & Assembly

In stamping, good tools are the magic behind great parts. They make sure every piece we create is top-notch. It’s not an option; it’s a must for making high-quality stuff. Our stamped parts are recognized for minimal errors, and return product – we pride ourselves on working with highly complex clients in material handling, automotive, and other industries.

The Jordan Manufacturing team has the knowledge and experience to handle any simple to complex light-assembly work on our stamped parts. We have the capabilities to handle a variety of material types and gauges. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Mild and high-strength carbon steel
  • Non-ferrous steel
  • Electrical-grade steel

Tool Building & Maintenance

We Build a Tool for a Lifetime of Service

Jordan Manufacturing was founded on building tools and it’s still an important segment of our business. We build a tool to last a lifetime and we stand by our quality, process, and lead times. Every tool built at our facility is designed with die protection to preserve our customers’ investment. 

Tooling maintenance is its own process and supports the production of quality parts. We maintain 100% of tools in-house, they are always ready for the next run. Our tool roster will produce tools built in the 1950s that still regularly provide quality parts to customers.  

    Other Capabilities

    Besides stamping and related operations, we are experienced in: 

      • Tooling Maintenance
      • Welding 
      • Mechanical Fastening 
      • Orbital Riveting 
      • Hot Stamping 
    Internal combustion, stainless, gasket, aircraft, aerospace
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