In manufacturing, it is not often that individuals are recognized for their exceptional achievements. However, one of Jordan Manufacturing’s leaders, and a remarkable woman, is being celebrated for her achievements as the 2023 Michigan Manufacturing Woman of the Year. Sachiko Hosaka, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Jordan Manufacturing Company, will take home this honor during the Michigan Manufacturing Association’s Manufacturing Excellence Awards in October.

Jordan Manufacturing: Where We Manufacture Happiness

Founded in 1949 in Lake Odessa, Michigan; Jordan Manufacturing Company offers its customers The Jordan Process, in which the tooling, production, and support is kept 100% in house for the life of the program. Their passion is to “manufacture happiness” by following the core values of Coworkers, Customers, Community, and Continual Improvement.

Sachiko Hosaka: A Multifaceted Leader

Born in Kanagawa, Japan, Sachiko brings a unique perspective and international experience to the table. Her multicultural background has provided her with a deep understanding of business and leadership practices, contributing to her effectiveness as a leader in the manufacturing sector. In addition to her financial responsibilities, Sachiko is an accomplished author and blogger, with several books published in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

The Michigan Manufacturing Woman of the Year Award

Sachiko’s dedication, expertise, and continuous contributions to the manufacturing industry have not gone unnoticed. The Michigan Manufacturing Association (MMA) is proud to present her with the 2023 Michigan Manufacturing Woman of the Year Award. This prestigious accolade recognizes Sachiko’s outstanding achievements, leadership, and the impact she has made in the field.

The Manufacturing Excellence Awards, hosted by the MMA, celebrate the leaders and products that drive Michigan’s manufacturing industry forward. By honoring Sachiko with this significant award, they acknowledge her pivotal role in advancing the manufacturing sector and inspiring future generations of female leaders.

Sachiko Hosaka’s journey as the CFO of Jordan Manufacturing Company, to receiving the 2023 Michigan Manufacturing Woman of the Year Award is a testament to her exceptional leadership and contribution to the industry. Her commitment to excellence, combined with the company’s adherence to The Jordan Process and core values, has helped make Jordan Manufacturing a trusted name in the stamping and tooling manufacturing industry. As we celebrate Sachiko’s accomplishments, we recognize the importance of empowering women and fostering diversity within the manufacturing sector. Sachiko serves not only as an inspiration for future female leaders but also as a shining example of the innovation and dedication that drives manufacturing forward.

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